WSCE ™️: A Phenomenal Sports Ecosystem on the Blockchain

Join the biggest community of sports lovers in the crypto space by signing up for the WSCE ™️ airdrop. It is the safest platform where sports fans across the globe add value to their passion in the most friendly and innovative way. Powered by UssCyber, a blockchain company with a significant focus on security, transparency, and data protection, WSE tokenizes various sports.

Think about being more than just a fan of your favorite teams, and sharing your passion with people who love the sport, just like you. WSCE ™️ is setting the pace and leading the way as the number one project for fans of any kind of sport.

The unique blockchain project, lets you own tokens of your favorite football team, interact, and sell tokens in real-time according to team performance. Thanks to the UssCyber supported World of Sport Coin Exchange.

Football fans should prepare to be amazed as their club performances become real and valuable in the UssCyber supported World of Football Coin Exchange. Feel the true power of the game with 2,700 real sports teams, and share the passion with over 4 billion fans of the most loved sport across the globe. The popularity of your team and the winning streak of your favorite sports stars have never been so real.

Here is your chance to earn awesome rewards by simply promoting WSCE ™️ on social media. We will soon be live and you could partake in up to 5 million tokens giveaway wherever you are in the globe. There are a total of 138 billion tokens equally allocated so that each club team will get 50 million tokens. 50% of the allocated tokens will be available while the other 50% will be stored. Act now and be a part of yet another opportunity to earn reward tokens before they are all gone.

It has been a long time, year’s developing our platform, and we are glad you stayed with us. Now it’s time to enjoy the rewards, so make sure you spread the word.