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Australians need to look out for this US Crypto-platform

Good news for Aussie sports fans as UssCyber is soon to launch its very own crypto-currency sports trading platform. UssCyber, a blockchain-oriented company based in Florida, is introducing “World Sports Coin Exchange or WSCE”, the world’s first crypto-currency based Sports trading platform.

Founded in 2017 by blockchain enthusiast, Michel Pacifico, UssCyber serves as a sports trading platform lamented in blockchain technology. Starting with Football, UssCyber plans to launch every major sport by the year. Their 20-year plan includes Cricket, which will be launched in the coming years. This is particularly good news for the Aussie fans, as cricket is a beloved sport, watched and played by millions in Australia.

Their football project, “World Football Coin Exchange (WFCE)” is UssCyber’s first implementation of the project. By introducing Tokens, UssCyber has attached a value that will be based on the team’s performance, backed by live data. “By involving all parameters, we have created an algorithm that is based on Blockchain technology. Just like the stock market, the value of WFCE Tokens will fluctuate according to the team’s matches in the leagues and cups throughout the year. According to team winning/losing/draw performance, the token price will change by the algorithm with the support of live data,” said Michel.

UssCyber’s WSCE will pave the way for fans to capitalize, giving them a sense of ownership to their favorite teams. Moreover, the project is expected to launch in March 2020.


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