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Digital currency might just revolutionize the modern sports

UssCyber introduces World Sport Coin Exchange (WSCE) through which it aims to provide the sporting world with its very own crypto currency. UssCyber is a brand specializing on the service of block chain technology. Through this innovation it might end up revolutionizing the sporting industry.

WSCE is the very first decentralized coin exchange system. The system is based upon the bit coin technology. Through this path breaking system, it provides analytical and live data for the sporting world. The brand is not focused on any one but all sporting industries. It will end up being the first crypto currency medium supported by a system that eclipses the simple supply and demand model. The owner of UssCyber Michel Pacifico is the first one to introduce this service and work on block chain technology to revolutionize the sports industry.

It must be noted that this not going to be a gambling system. The coin price will change subsequently on the basis of team’s overall performance in the leagues. WSCE provides coin trading, coin sales, fund escrow and transfer of funds through the system. Instead of simply cashing in on the booming sporting industry, it aims to further stabilize and promote the industry through the system of crypto currency.

To get involved in this project all people have to do is to buy tokens of their favorite teams and then watch the teams play different matches and leagues. The value of each token depends on the performance of each team. The more games your team plays and wins the more the value of the token will go up. The first project of many to come “WFCE” World Football Coin Exchange will be launched all over the world and in over 95 countries. The estimated number of tokens allocated to this particular sport are 138 Billion tokens. These tokens are then further divided into clubs. 50 million tokens are given to each club 25 million of which will be kept in reserve and will not be available for sale. For now since the project is in its initial stages the tokens will only be available for major leagues. With the passage of time the company has plans to tokenize all football leagues. Just like football, UssCyber is focusing on bringing more and more sports to the world of crypto currency and block chain technology. Within a few years the entire sports industry will change and the business generated will grow tenfold.



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