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Important notice: Platform Launch & Token Exchange

Hello WSCE Family,

Today is the start of the most exciting blockchain sports platform ever created. As you might have heard, we are getting ready to give all our members access to our exchange platform.
Before login in, we need to verify all investor’s profiles and tokens as we had multiple resources on our presale campaigns.
Please follow the guidelines and once completed, you will be asked to use the steps found in the Exchanges & Early VIP Access section to redeem your WFCE tokens:

In the meantime, we required the following information:

For All Pre-launch sale campaigns

Exchange or Exec Name: First Name: Last Name: Email Address: Number of Tokens:

Please send the information below to [email protected].

We have created screenshots of the platform, so you know what to expect on login day.

Exchanges & Early VIP Access

We are opening the platform to the public very soon on the 7th of April 2020. In accordance with previous press releases, the information found in both our Whitepaper and lite paper, we are offering our current investors VIP early access.

Unfortunately, due to the global world crisis, the platform functionality will be limited to buying tokens at a locked-in price of 1-dollar USD due to a lack of live data, as most if not all Football games have been canceled or postponed.
Platform Launch update 30.03.2020
How to Redeem My Tokens

After you have Signed up and Verified your Account, do the following:

Pick your Teams

1. Click on View Teams 2. Navigate the Site/ search for your teams. 3. Add Tokens to your Cart

Repeat the above steps as needed.

Complete Checkout Process

1. Click on Shopping Cart 2. Click on “Check and Finish” button 3. Review Order 4. Click on Next Steps 5. Select Stellar 6. Click on Next Steps 7. Read the Instructions 8. Click Confirm. 9. Sign Digital Contract between You and UssCyber 10. Send WFCE Redeemable Tokens to your System Provided Stellar Address

The system will automatically convert 1 WFCE Steller Token to 1 WFCE football Token of your choice.

If you have any questions, please visit us on one of our social channels or email us @

[email protected]


[Live Screen shots below]



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