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Improving and Tokenizing the Sports industry

UssCyber is on the verge of creating a platform which helps people in trading football tokens on technology of blockchain. The primary motive of the company is to create amongst entrepreneurs and developers, the opportunity to get creative, innovative and also be able to offer token all around the world. Blockchain is the answer to a lot of problems and ranges in a diversity of products, from technology industry to finance to security. There are still many unopened doors which give way to new sectors to be explored. 

However, UssCyber aims to feature itself as one of the top five largest blockchain companies in the global market and at the top position in sports. The idea is quite unique and efficient. The football token created is based on live data of the team. This ensures that the supply and demand of the token will not be the strongest point. With a plan to operate over 95 countries with 2700 soccer teams, the long term goal for the company is to introduce top 10 sports of the world in their company and become the largest blockchain technology in the world. 

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