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New Blockchain platform

Coming soon, WSCE, short for World Sports Coin Exchange

Is the first innovation cryptocurrency for Sports. WSCE is the first decentralized coin exchange platform based on Bitcoin technology for creating a Blockchain token across all major Sports in the globe, without any manipulation.

Alternatively, in other words, we are a crypto coin Exchange Company, who solely manage, and process analytical and live data related to sports. This is performed by attaching our unique crypto coins to a team to support the team’s performance. The first sports implementation was a Football / Soccer Coin.(WFCE), “World Football Coin Exchange.” This is not a gambling Platform, The coin price changes according to the team performance match by match. Increasing or decreasing the value depends on the team winning/losing/draw performance/players market.

This is the official coin issued by (World Sports Coin Exchange) WSCE. We offer a full set of services in support of our coins, which includes but not limited to coin trading coin sales, funds escrow and funds transfer to and from our system in various forms. Our goals are to promote sports and assist in the stabilization of the crypto-coin market as a significant avenue for investments. WSCE manages all other products assigned to each significant sports group.

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