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UssCyber Takes It Global With Per Continent Token Distribution

an up and coming blockchain technology platform of the US, is introducing its very own crypto-trading platform, World Football Coin Exchange for the football fans.

The World Football Coin Exchange (WFCE) is a part of many sports that they are planning to launch. UssCyber operates on the accessible blockchain technology that promotes transparency and trust among its users. Their global oriented platform will allow fans of the sport to invest, giving them the opportunity to capitalize by trading the ‘tokens’ of their favorite teams.

The sports-oriented crypto-trading idea is the first of its kind, based upon the security and transparency, the technology provides. The value of a team’s tokens will fluctuate upon their win, lose, and draw percentage that will be supported by live data, working on the algorithm.

On its success ratio, the CEO and Founder of UssCyber, Michel Pacifico said, “Just by launching our first sports WFCE Soccer Token for over 4 billion soccer fans all over the world. Everyone that knows about our project is excited and asking when they can start buying tokens. Fans from every part of the globe are excited about the project and asking if their favorite local team will be available to trade token’s.”

According to the website, 90% of the platform is complete, and they are planning to launch the competitive platform by March 2020.

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